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Queer as Folk
I am sort of glad i didn't know about queer as folk when it first aired because i don't think i would of been able to wait in between seasons for it, i am thankful for my box set!

I think i might be a bit too involved in the Ian/Mickey storyline on shameless, i just want everything to be ok!

As im going to New York this year i wont really have enough money to go gigs like i usually do, i will miss the buzz of seeing a band live and discovering new music from the support bands.
But im sure i will have an awesome time in New York though!

New York
I'm off to New York in august it will be my first time in america, i would love if anybody had any interesting places or things to do there.

Also i am quite new to the QAF fandom even though i have been watching it for around 3 years, i am just finding the courage to involve myself in the online community.

attempt at britin drabble
I cant believe Brian went and got a tattoo, i mean i know he has a couple but this....

he comes home one saturday afternoon, smile on his face and looking pleased with himself, i ask him if he is all right, just shrugs tells me he is just fine and kisses me. he puts out his hand for me to take and...

the fucker has my name tattooed on his wrist!

brian and justin fanfic
I have loved reading all the QAF fanfic some of the writers who post them are amazing, i wish i could write just as good. i have tried but nothing seems to stick.

i love discovering music from way back